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If you’ve been looking for a great website about websites, then you’ve come to the right place.

On this website you’ll find tons of examples of great websites we’ll be featuring right here.

Websites have great value so here’s what you need to remember with your website.

1) It’s like your storefront. If you wanted your store to make money obviously you’d try and make it exciting. You’d put things into place to create upsells and you’d damn well make sure that once people find your store they don’t leave within seconds.

This is exactly what you need to realise for your website as well. It’s not just a brochure on the Internet, it’s an online version of your storefront!

2) You’ve probably spent a lot of money on your website… the last thing you want is for it not to be found…

Just like with any storefront getting a spot in the middle of town is going to be much more profitable than somewhere in a oscure alley on the edge of town.

You’ve got to be smack bang in the middle of where all the action is happening.

And that’s on the Internet that on the first page of Google!

So on this website we’ll explore examples of websites that are doing things right and ones that are ranking right in the middle of where the party is happening – right on that first page.

So enjoy this site and hopefully you’ll find heaps of great examples.

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